Timeline of Crowdsourced Hoops History

57379main_MM_image_feature_152_jw4The crowdsourcing hoops history project is well underway and you’ve helped me change the terrain of my basketball imagination.  As a preliminary step, I’ve compiled them into a provisional, interactive timeline so you can see what the crowd has come up with so far.

A caveat: the prose attached to most of the events in the timeline is just pulled from the internet or books.  What I write in my book, I hope, will be more beautiful and compelling and will do justice to the beauty, excitement, and social and cultural importance of these many moments of hoops history.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed your own personal favorites, or those moments you think — personal predilections aside — were key to the development of the game.   Still, I’m sure there are many worthwhile players, plays, moments, dates, games, teams and so on still to add and I urge you to add what’s missing either by commenting on this post, the original post, or by contacting me directly.

So please tell your friends and keep ’em coming! ~Yago

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