Radio Bad Prof on Race in the NBA and America

Following upon my brief but mighty appearance in POLITICO this week (which itself followed the viral thrill of my rant about Mitch McGary just last Friday), I continued my meteoric ascent to the dizzying heights of media stardom in an interview with Jonathan Zarov, host of the Friday morning Eight O’Clock Buzz on my hometown Madison, Wisconsin’s community-owned WORT FM.

Here’s the (very brief) interview:

Yago Colas on Donald Sterling WORT Interview with Jonathan Zarov May 2 2014

The lead-in music, by the way, comes from the talented and inspiring Brooklyn band The Shondes many of whose songs—if the world were intelligently and justly organized—you’d already have heard as the theme music to NBA playoff telecasts.

And, while I’ve got you: join such eminent sportswriters as Dave Zirin of The Nation, Brian Phillips of Grantland and Alexander Wolff of Sports Illustrated in supporting The Allrounder’s Kickstarter campaign today.  No contribution is too small.  After all, it takes a stadium, or a television audience, or at least a small college gym to raise smart sports writing.

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