Bad Prof's Publications


  • 2016  Ball Don’t Lie! Myth, Genealogy, and Invention in the Cultures of Basketball (under contract at Temple University Press)
    1994  Postmodernity in Latin America: The Argentine Paradigm (Durham: Duke University Press)

Articles and Book Chapters

(* indicates peer reviewed publications)

  • 2015  * “The Meanings of Manu: Race, Class, and Globalization in the National Basketball Association,”Sports and Nationalism in Latin/o America, Ed. Hector Fernández L’Hoeste, Robert McKee Irwin, and Juan Poblete (New York: Palgrave MacMillan), pp. 249-268.
  • 2015  * “’Ball Don’t Lie!’ Rasheed Wallace and the Politics of Protest in the National Basketball Association,” Communication and Sport March 11, DOI: 10.1177/2167479515572811.
  • 2014  * “Getting Free: The Arts and Politics of Basketball Modernity,” Journal of Sport and Social Issues November 22,
  • DOI: 10.1177/0193723514559054.
  • 2014  * “What We Mean When We Say “Play the Right Way”: Strategic Fundamentals, Morality, and Race in the Culture of Basketball,” Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association of America 45.2 (Fall, 2012 [published 2014]): 109-125.
  • 2009  * “The Difference that Time Makes: Hopelessness and Potency in Borges’ ‘El Aleph’” Thinking with Borges, Ed. William Egginton and David Johnson (Aurora: Davies Group Publishers), pp. 87-101.
  • 2008  * “Magic and Autonomy in Historias mínimas and La vita è bella” (with Vincenzo Binetti), Discourse 28.2-3: 130-152.
  • 2008  “Must Intellectual Analysis Destroy the Joy of Reading?” Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice 21.2: 28-34
  • 2007  * “Toward an Ethics of Close Reading in the Age of Neoliberalism,” New Centennial Review 7.3: 171-214.
  • 2006  * “Writing Life and Love: Julio Cortázar and Gilles Deleuze,” Angelaki 11.1:
  • 199-207.
  • 2005  * “Telling True Stories, or The Immanent Ethics of Material Spirit (and Spiritual Matter) in Phillip Pullman’s His Dark MaterialsDiscourse 27.1: pp. 34-66.
  • 2005  * “Inventing Autonomies: Meditations on Julio Cortázar and the Politics of Our Time” New Centennial Review 5.2: 1-34.
  • 2003  “Living Invention, or, The Way of Julio Cortázar,” Revista de estudios
  • hispánicos, 37: 189-212..
  • 2002  “The Strange Familiarity of Korean Poetry: Along the 40th Parallel”, Comparative Korean Studies 10.2: 1-27.
  • 2001  “Why Don’t We Stop Here?” Stalking Detroit, Ed. Charles Waldheim, Gia Perez, and Jason Young (Barcelona: Actar), pp. 142-155.
  • 2001  * “From Caliban to Cronus: A Critique of Cannibalism as Metaphor for Cuban Revolutionary Culture,” Eating Their Words: Cannibalism and the Boundaries of Cultural Identity, Ed. Kristin Guest (Albany: SUNY Press) pp. 129-148.
  • 1999  * “‘Dangerous Southern Islands’: Aesthetics and Anaesthetics in Alejo Carpentier’s The Lost Steps and Jorge Luis Borges’ ‘The South’,” Modernism and Its Margins, Ed. Anthony L. Geist and José B. Monleón (Richmond: Garland Press), pp. 282-300.
  • 1999  “E.P. Thompson and the Middle” Dispositio/n 48: 47-67.
  • 1998 * “Aesthetic vs. Anaesthetic: How Laughing Gas Got Serious,” Science as Culture
  • 7.3: 359-377.
  • 1996 * “What’s Wrong With Representation? Testimonio and Democratic Culture,” The Real Thing, Ed. Georg Gugelberger (Durham: Duke UP), pp. 161-171.
  • 1996 “Impurity and the Cultures of Democracy in Latin America,” The Postmodern in Latin and Latino American Cultural Narratives: Collected Essays and Interviews, Ed. Claudia Ferman (Richmond: Garland Press), 201-217.
  • 1996 * “Silence and Dialectics: Speculations on C. L. R. James and Latin America,” Rethinking C. L. R. James , Ed. Grant Farred (Oxford: Basil Blackwell), 131-164.
  • 1996 * “Latin American Cultural Studies and Marxism,” Siglo XX/20th Century 14.1-2: 153-172.
  • 1995  * “There’s No place Like Home, or, The Utopian, Uncanny Caribbean State of Mind of Antonio Benítez-Rojo,” Siglo XX/20th Century 13.1-2: 207-217.
  • 1995  * “Of Creole Symptoms, Cuban Fantasies, and Other Latin American Postcolonial Ideologies,” PMLA 110.3: 382-396.
  • 1995  “Redefiniendo lo ‘poscolonial’ desde América Latina. De Andrés Bello a José Martí,” Memorias Jornadas Andinas de Literatura Latinoamericana (La Paz: CID/UMSA), pp. 209-215.
  • 1992  “Resisting Postmodernism,” Emergences 3/4: 193-232.
  • 1992  “Postmodernism and the ‘Third World’,” Social Text 31/32: 258-270.
  • 1991  * “Un postmodernismo resistente en América Latina: El diez por ciento de vida y la historia,” Nuevo Texto Crítico 7: 175-196.
  • 1991  “Translating Postmodernism,” Translation Perspectives 6: 99-113.
  • 1990  “Latin America and the Problem of Resistance Culture,” Polygraph 4: 92

Edited Volumes

  • 1997  “Postcolonial in the Americas,” Dispositio/n 47

Book Reviews, Encyclopedia Entries, Short Essays

  • 2002  “’Not in a Formula of Words’: Thomas Merton,” Spring Wind: Buddhist Cultural Forum 7.3 (Fall, 2002), 22-25.
  • 2000  “CLR James,” The Routledge Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Culture, Ed. Daniel Balderston, et. al. (New York: Routledge, 2000), v. 1.
  • 2000  “Caliban,” The Routledge Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and
  • Caribbean Culture, Ed. Daniel Balderston, et. al. (New York: Routledge, 2000), v. 1.
  • 2000  “Postmodernism,” The Routledge Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Culture, Ed. Daniel Balderston, et. al. (New York: Routledge, 2000), v. 3.
  • 2000  “The 1980s,” The Routledge Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and
  • Caribbean Culture, Ed. Daniel Balderston, et. al. (New York: Routledge, 2000), v. 1.
  • 1997  “Foreword,” Dispositio/n 47 (1995 [publ. 1997]): iii-v, special issue “Postcolonial and the Americas”.
  • 1994  “Letter from Detroit,” ANY (Architecture New York) 6 (May-June, 1994): 56-59.
  • 1994  “Ostensibly Abstract Borders: Saving History by Fanny Howe,” American Book
  • Review 15.6 (February-March): 14.
  • 1993  “Perilous Passage: Straight Outta Compton by Ricardo Cortez Cruz,” American Book Review 15.2 (June-July): 17, 25.

Manuscripts Under Review

  • 2015  “Our Myth of Creation: The Politics of Narrating Basketball’s Origin” (at

Journal of Sport History)

Selected Web Publications

In addition to founding and maintaining my own blog on the cultures of sports, Between the Lines, which has received over 100,000 page views since January, 2013, I have contributed essays to a number of mainstream, online publications.

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